• Pandemic, Local Food Security Spur Podcast Launch by CoOp Food Stores

    The impact Covid-19 had on food supplies was rapid and remains profound. Breakdowns in national food production and distribution hurt communities large and small.

    Yet, in regions with an established local food economy, farmers and food producers kept food flowing to local residents. Northern New England is one such region.

    Farmers and food producers stayed on the job to keep to local food sheds secure and productive, despite clear health risks mixed with confusing reports about the pandemic's impact. These stalwarts of the community earned the classification, “first responder.”

    The pivotal response of these small-scale food producers and farmers inspired the launch of a new podcast series produced by the Hanover Co-op. Titled Local Food Factors, this series aims to tell the story of the people, policies, and practices that determine how well consumers eat.

    The first episode of Local Food Factors can be found on Apple Podcasts at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/local-food-factors/id1528771104

    Topics for upcoming episodes will include how local farms support area food banks, community subscription agriculture (CSAs), the role of food hubs, and food labeling; the good, bad, and the secretive.