• Program Manager Sustainable Lebanon

    Posted: 11/11/2021

    If you are passionate about the environment and have outreach and organizing skills you could make a
    difference working as a program manager for Sustainable Lebanon (SL). SL is:
    ● a non-profit environmental organization
    ● that educates and engages Lebanon residents to increase lifestyle sustainability
    ● and offers programs for community climate mitigation, resilience and sustainability.
    The Program Manager position is half time, starting December 1, 2021, supervised by the SL board
    president. The Program Manager will engage Lebanon residents in SL programs by organizing
    participatory events and activities and by outreach on social media, and public media. In addition, SL will
    recruit resident input into the development and implementation of Lebanon City programs, so the
    Program Manager will collaborate with City employees and volunteer committees. The Program
    Manager will also build relationships with other Upper Valley groups working on the environment.
    The initial program will be to recruit and support 100s of Lebanon households in a pilot of a mobile
    phone app that suggests greenhouse gas footprint reduction actions and rewards them with discount
    coupons at local businesses (these 30 or so participating businesses will also need support). Other SL
    programs primarily run by volunteer members include Air Conditioning Trees, Natural Burial, Waste Not
    Municipal Recycling and Composting support and Lebanon Community Power support, all more fully
    described in the appendix.

    ● Passion for civic engagement...
    ● Familiarity with the Upper Valley area
    ● Background in public education and programming, including planning and organizing, managing
    and marketing and supervising events
    ● Interpersonal skills for working with board members, volunteers, colleagues and the general
    ● Experience in presenting to a variety of audiences both in writing and speaking
    ● Knowledge of environmental issues
    ● Multitasking: the ability to move multiple projects forward simultaneously
    ● Time management to plan goals and objectives and meet them on time
    ● Social media competence: Google, Zoom, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    ● Creativity, energy, enthusiasm and a sense of humor!
    Hours and Compensation: The position will average 20 somewhat flexible hours per week. Some
    weekend and evening meetings. Salary up to $20,800 per year, depending on qualifications, plus a
    pretax monthly contribution towards employee’s Health Savings Account.
    To apply: Email the following with “Program Manager” in the subject line to: jkchaffee@gmail.com
    ● Cover letter expressing your interest and vision for working toward a sustainable community
    ● Resume including your experience in program planning, outreach and implementation and your
    organizational experience in public outreach and engagement
    ● A sample of your writing (preferably published)
    ● Three professional references.
    Applications will be received and acknowledged by email only. Applications will be considered until the
    position is filled. Questions may be directed to the search committee at: jkchaffee@gmail.com
    Sustainable Lebanon is an equal opportunity employer.

    Appendix: Existing Programs
    1. SNAPP (Sustainable Nature APP) Pilot. Sustainable Lebanon (SL) has been working for a year with
    the developer, Path to a Green Home, and collaborating with the Upper Valley Business Alliance, Vital
    Communities, Sustainable Woodstock, and the Energy Committees of Plainfield and Cornish on a
    mobile phone app that rewards reduction of household CO2 generation with discount coupons at local
    “green” businesses. We plan in 2022 to enroll 300 residents in a three-month pilot. If they reduce their
    footprint by 20% as expected, SNAPP will be rolled out for the whole Upper Valley later in 2022. This is
    a demo of the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAB791banoA

    2. AC Trees. Urban trees significantly cool the microclimate and reduce the need for summer air
    conditioning. In winter, trees deflect wind from houses, decreasing the heating load. Volunteers will take
    temperature readings in urban Lebanon to identify “hot” areas. SL members, currently active in an effort
    to create a municipal Tree Board, will work with homeowners and the City to encourage tree planting in
    these areas. (To learn more, visit

    3.Natural Burial. Conventional burial with embalming, a casket, and a concrete vault has a significant
    greenhouse gas footprint, as does cremation. Green or Natural Burial—with no preservatives, in a
    biodegradable container or shroud, and without a vault—is a way to reduce our individual carbon
    footprint. SL members are collaborating with the Lebanon Cemetery Trustees and City staff to bring
    Natural Burial to Lebanon’s municipal cemeteries. (See http://greenburialcouncil.org/)

    Programs to be initiated:

    4. Lebanon Community Power Support. Sustainable Lebanon will assist the Lebanon Energy
    Advisory Committee in gaining resident subscription to Lebanon Community Power during its roll-out in
    2022. Lebanon Community Power is an agency of the City of Lebanon that will enroll electric customers
    on Liberty Utilities’ default service offering them a lower base price and options to purchase higher
    percentages of “green” electricity for some additional cost.

    5. Lebanon Climate Action Plan Public Engagement. In the last quarter of 2021 Sustainable Lebanon
    will assist the Lebanon Planning Department in mobilizing resident support for City expenditures to
    meet its reduction goal of 20% by 2025. In 2022 SL will assist in engaging residents and businesses in
    a baseline inventory of the City-wide Greenhouse Gas Footprint, followed by a planning process for
    reducing it.

    6. Environmental Democracy. Sustainable Lebanon will work with statewide coalitions to mobilize
    climate voters—including the NH Environment, Energy, and Climate Network— selectively engaging
    Lebanon residents in issues with local impact. For instance, the Public Utilities Commission, influenced
    by fossil fuel lobbyists, delayed increased spending on energy efficiencies crucial to home weatherization
    assistance. SL solicited letters supporting the increase.
    7.Waste Not Municipal Recycling and Composting Support. 50% of Lebanon’s solid waste stream
    could be recycled, including cardboard, paper, and food scraps. And our recycled plastics have lots of
    non-recyclable contaminants. SL will educate the public by demonstrating the City’s new plastics
    recycling app at the landfill and the Lebanon Farmers Market. Volunteers will also promote other SL
    programs at the landfill and the Farmers Market.