• News Release: Co-op Food Store is looking for new Board members

    Interested in becoming more involved with the Co-op? Now is the opportunity! The HCCS Board Election Committee is seeking 6 wonderful and passionate Board candidates.  Although the election is not until April 2021, we initiate the process now in order to give members time to consider running, ask questions and receive training in Board work.
    The Board plays a critical role in ensuring the continued success and health of this vital organization. It represents all the member-owners in developing and maintaining the vision and long-term viability of the Co-op. 
    There are 6 open seats. Four are 3-year terms and two are 2-year terms. The Board is proud to host a ZOOM forum on Monday, December 6, 2021 @ 5:30 PM (link listed below) to learn more about the requirements of becoming a candidate and to learn about board work.  
    For more information about elections, please contact Conicia Jackson atconiciajackson@board.coopfoodstore.com or you can visit our website www.coopfoodstore.com
    to learn more about the Board and Co-op.  We look forward to hearing from you!
    Learn About Your Board/Candidate Info Session Zoom Meeting 
    Meeting ID: 890 8165 0138 
    Passcode: 722837