• Copeland Furniture Sets the Gold Standard for Sustainable Manufacturing

    Bradford, VT. (June30, 2021) - Acknowledging the significant use of energy in manufacturing, Copeland Furniture increases its commitment to conservation with two initiatives currently underway. These plans will utilize and build upon Copeland's previous investments in energy conservation. In August of 2016, the family-owned company built a 626 kWh solar array on factory grounds. According to figures provided by the EPA's eGRID, it offsets nearly one million pounds of CO2 emission each year. This installation now produces electricity equal to 64% of the manufacturer's usage. Copeland is currently expanding its solar array, adding 396 kWh of solar capacity on its second factory building roof. By spring 2021, the two installations' combined output will exceed a Mega-watt and equal almost 100% of Copeland's electrical consumption.

    Currently, 65% of Copeland's factory heat is biomass-fueled by wood waste generated from its manufacturing operations, with the remainder provided by fuel oil. With the addition of a second biomass boiler now under construction, over 95% of the heat energy for the factories will be provided by biomass generated on-site. The biomass-fired boilers will displace over 30,000 gallons of #2 fuel oil per year. The use of fuel oil will be limited to backup and holidays.

    In addition to energy generation, Copeland has invested heavily in energy conservation in the form of variable frequency drives (VFDs) on many large electric motors, LED lighting throughout the factories, as well as significant upgrades to the facility itself.

    Preservation and stewardship are values that run deep in Vermont. Since the company's inception, Copeland Furniture has maintained its commitment to conservation, continually investing and innovating to preserve the natural world, which inspires and influences each of its designs. Copeland Furniture takes pride in using sustainably harvested hardwoods and GREENGUARD Certified standard finishes. Copeland's leading efforts have been awarded the Silver Exemplary Membership status by Sustainable Furnishings Council and the Sage Award for environmental excellence by the American Home Furnishings Alliance.