• Upper Valley Med Tech Companies




    Developer of innovative patient-specific tools to guide surgical interventions for patients with cancer

     David Danielson, CEO




    Leveraging AI to provide a comprehensive, long-term picture of respiratory health

    Jeff Bemowski, Co-Founder & CEO





    Advanced-Technology Automated CPR System

    Norman A. Paradis, MD, Founder & CEO






    Developer of patient-centric innovations that improve gastrointestinal health

    Dr. Corey Siegal, Founder






    Manufacturer of precision medical devices. Specializing in the design and manufacture of disposable and reusable       medical devices and instrumentation.

    Eric Crainich, CEO




    DoseOptics LLC, launched the world’s first Cherenkov imaging system designed to work with radiation therapy linacs, C-Dose™ RESEARCH

    Brian Pogue, PhD Co-Founder & President
    William Ware, Jr. Co-Founder & CEO





    Specializing in providing complex injection-molded thermoplastic and silicone solutions

    Brenan Riehl, President & CEO

    Insight Surgical Technologies LLC   

    Intraoperative Stereovision for Surgical Guidance

    Dr. David Roberts, Founder





    Design and manufacture of precision liquid metering and dispensing systems

    Andrew Leblanc, VP Sales




    Medical technology company developing monitoring tools for the tumor-immune microenvironment

    Dr. Solomon Diamond, Founder





    Healthcare IT (“HCIT”) solutions

    Dr. Jack Cronenwett, CMO


    Multivariate Systems

    Lightweight optoimpedance sensors enabling early detection of the physiological response to injury and illness

    Norman Paradis, Founder




    Technology that harnesses bioengineering and nanotechnology to sensitively and specifically detect viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens in complex biological matrices

    Alison Burklund, CTO






    Solutions for Optical Diagnosis and Treatment

    Ethan LaRochelee, Co-Founder






    Reia is a healthcare start up focused on improving the treatment experience for people with pelvic organ prolapse.

    Kaitlin Maier, Co-Founder



    Developer of surgical and diagnostic medical instruments

    Ryan Halter, Founder


    Simbex is an experienced medical device and consumer health product design and development partner that excels in transforming your most complex ideas into game-changing commercial solutions.

    Rick Greenwald, CEO



      Microsensor Enhanced Medical Needle Systems

      Alexander Abess, Co-Founder