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Meet Up Upper Valley

Meet Up Upper Valley

Meet Up Upper Valley (MUUV) - created by the Upper Valley Business Alliance (UVBA), serves to strengthen the bonds between you, your employees and the community.

What Is Meet Up Upper Valley?

UVBA coordinates MUUV events to provide fun interactive activities to increase engagement with our members and encourage employee retention in our region. UVBA will also coordinate special events for your company that you as employer can offer your employees. This program is designed to help your newly relocated employees feel at home and long time employees to have access to fun special events, network and make new connections.

MUUV events are designed to be unique, engaging, and FUN! 

What are the main objectives of Meet Up Upper Valley?

There are several objectives; all aimed at attracting talent to the area, retaining that talent, and making that talent feel “at home.”  We aim:

  • To attract, retain and engage talent in the Upper Valley.
  • To introduce potential and current employees and their friends and families to each other and to and the Upper Valley – employees who feel a sense of community will want to stay longer.
  • To create activities or events, which enrich the lives of those who participate.  Activities /events will have either tangible, appealing and/or participatory components.
  • To align employee centric companies with other companies sharing the same outlook.
  • To create an affordable benefit program by spreading. administrative costs across multiple companies and organizations.

Who operates the program? The staff of UVBA!

  • UVBA will create, select, negotiate and coordinate events, including all financial matters.
  • Provide facilitation, advertising, set-up, tear-down.
  • Handle all concerns, questions, confusions and complaints (if any).

What are some examples of successful past events?    

  • A Trip to the Big Apple – annual holiday bus trip to New York City.
  • Montreal Jazz Festival - Take a trip and spend time at the Jazz Festival.
  • Bird Sanctuary Walk - Take a walk with an ornithologist in Etna’s sanctuary, and discover our area birds.
  • Paint & Sips - You can be an artist too! Create your own beautiful painting and enjoy wine and nibbles.
  • Frozen Fenway - A trip to Boston to see a college hockey tournament, featuring some of the best teams in the country—or maybe a Red Sox game.
  • Picnic & Paddle – guided kayak trip on the Connecticut River with a gourmet picnic lunch.

Why should we consider hosting a MUUV event?

  • Hiring, and more importantly, retaining, quality employees is hugely challenging. MUUV is a low-cost employee benefit that serves to make your employees feel part of a greater community, gives them opportunities to explore hobbies or have a new experience, and increases retention for your company.
  • The program allows for you and other businesses to offer, collaborate and share costs for an employee benefit without having company personnel distracted from their primary tasks
  • Your employees will meet and share common interests with other area employees and their families.
  • You will be taking steps to achieve employee retention and productivity goals.
  • The management, supervision and quality control of the program are handled by UVBA, with your staff doing minimal work.

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