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Membership Benefits of UVBA

The Upper Valley Business Alliance is a mission-driven organization that works to promote the economic vitality of the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire and Vermont. One of the key strengths of the Upper Valley Business Alliance is its commitment to providing valuable resources and support to its members. Through a wide range of programs and initiatives, UVBA helps businesses thrive and grow. From networking events and educational workshops to advocacy efforts and business referrals, UVBA offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the unique needs of its members. Keep reading to learn more about membership benefits at UVBA!

Upper Valley Business Alliance Membership Benefits

What Our Members Are Saying About UVBA:

"Wow!! Talk about small business support!! Upper Valley Business Alliance. Tracy, Kristen and Tammi! These ladies jumped right in to our little world and made it much bigger with their creative ideas, tenacity, and just the love they clearly show for their profession and the folks they serve!!" Michael Morrissette has said many times- “As a new business - it was the best money & investment we have made so far”. Because they CARE! Thank you so much Upper Valley Business Alliance!!"

--Mike Morrisette, Owner, Running Water Recreation Center, Bradford VT

"A few months after opening Hato Viejo last year, Dan and I decided to become members of the Upper Valley Business Alliance. We didn’t have a solid reason at the time- we really weren’t even aware of the benefits of such an alliance, but I knew the value of community- everything is just a little easier when you have allies.

What I have found was that getting involved with the UVBA got us involved in our community in the best way- we were putting names and faces together with the business of our area, and making connections.

Tracy and Tammi stopped by my booth at the Farmers Market not long after we signed up, to officially welcome us. What I saw immediately were two people actually interested in offering help. They wanted me to know that there were people who could answer the questions of a stressed-out new business owner, all I had to do was ask.

I don’t know how we would have gotten through the last year without their help. Whether by email or phone, or- as I’ve been known to do- stop by in person, there was always help to be found. Someone who would stop what they were doing, and take the time to explain something to me, or offer encouragement. It was so great to have this amazing resource within our reach.

The truth is though, the alliance itself is a pretty major contribution to our community. To have the promise of help at your fingertips- especially when it comes in the form of advice from someone who has already achieved success- is an enormous relief. If you own a business in the Upper Valley, and aren’t yet a member, I highly recommend reaching out and considering membership. It doesn’t matter how or small your business might be- there is help to be had."

--Yaniris McLenithan, Owner, Hato Viejo Coffee, Lebanon, NH

Why Join Us?
  • No business operates in a vacuum. Whether you are a large business or small, sell globally or locally, you rely on your community for workers, customers and local government services. A robust local economy contributes to the success of every business.
  • We represent you and all businesses in your community to local, regional, state and federal lawmakers and programs or services.
  • Your membership invests in our work to promote the region, support the local economy and create an Upper Valley where we all want to live and succeed.
What Does UVBA Do?
  • Our business development workshops help you learn new programs, tools and methods to improving your business or saving money.
  • Our workforce/talent attraction programs such as the Upper Valley Young Professionals, Upper Valley BIPOC Network, UV Career Network and Meet Up Upper Valley help you to attract and retain workers.
  • Our MedTech Collaborative and Upper Valley Arts Alliance helps to support and grow the technology and arts sectors, both major contributors to our regional economy.
  • Our programs such as the Local Upper Valley app help answer your new employees question "What is there to do around here?"
  • The Local LUV Gift Certificate program promotes your business and encourages shopping locally.
  • We advocate and serve on boards and committees working locally, regionally and state-wide to solve issues such as housing, child care, labor shortages, and transportation.
What’s In It for YOUR Business?
  • Promotion – we amplify your marketing by promoting your business on our website (100,000 hits annually), community guide (25,000 copies distributed statewide in NH & VT), Local Upper Valley app (downloaded by thousands locally), Local Upper Valley community newsletter (2300 subscribers weekly), and special events and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Connections – we help you meet the people you want to meet through networking events, our referral group, references and introductions.
  • Resources – we are here to help you solve your problem. Our network of partners and connections with finance programs, government/economic development programs and grants, community organizations and fellow members can help you when you need information on financing, labor/employment/new laws, starting or selling a business, and real estate acquisition to name a few.
  • Memberships are tax-deductible business expenses. Check with your accountant or tax professional.
  • Need Another Reason? Check out this link: Why Google Loves Your Chamber of Commerce Membership
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