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UVBA Member Benefit Group 401k

UVBA Introduces New Member Benefit: A Group 401k For Our Members Called a Multi-Employer Aggregation Program (MEAP)

UVBA is committed to continuously looking for tools and resources to help our members in their business, from retaining workers to saving money. This is why we are introducing a new member benefit – a group 401k plan called a Multiple Employer Aggregation Program (MEAP).

This is for new and existing 401(k) plans and can be customized to fit a company’s needs. UVBA will not control or have access to company or employee information, but simply acts as an endorser for the plan. The program, called a Multiple Employer Aggregation Program (MEAP), is a qualified retirement plan and is adopted by multiple employers through their association with the sponsoring organization, in this case UVBA, acting as the lead sponsor. Joining a MEAP allows employers to have a benefit plan without having to manage the administrative tasks associated with a 401(k). For employers that are part of a MEAP, their role as plan fiduciary remains, however, much of the compliance concerns associated with offering a plan are diminished as many specific tasks are off-loaded.

UVBA has partnered with Lincoln Financial, a nationally recognized leader in retirement planning services to develop this unique program that leverages the strengths of group participation to provide a cost-effective and easy way for you to implement a turnkey 401(K) employee program, regardless of the size of your business.

By pooling resources, such as administrative costs and investment management fees, participating employers can benefit from economies of scale. This can potentially reduce the overall costs associated with managing and maintaining the retirement plan compared to each employer establishing and maintaining their own individual plans.

The fiduciary responsibilities associated with the Group 401k plan, including investment selection and monitoring, administrative duties, and compliance, are off-loaded to a designated plan administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lincoln Financial? Read more:


We already have a 401k for our employees – why would we switch to the MEAP?

A MEAP can save your business a lot of money in administrative and investment management fees, potentially thousands of dollars, by spreading costs over several participating employers.


We do not have a 401k currently. How will this help us?

Having a 401k for employees is a valuable retention tool. Our plan administrator will custom design a plan under the MEAP to best fit your needs.


Will my employees have the same benefits that they have in our current 401k?

Yes, employees will have the same benefits as any other 401k plan (with substantially less fees).


How many employees are needed for our business to participate in this group 401k?

Your plan needs a minimum of 2 employees. There is no maximum number of employees.


Is this open to both NH and VT businesses/organizations? What if we have offices in other states?

Your business can be in any state or have locations in multiple states.


We are a nonprofit organization. Are you able to do a 403b plan?

Yes, nonprofit organizations can also participate.


If we are interested in learning more, what is the next step?

Contact us for a quote. There is no cost for the quote and no obligation unless you decide to join the program. Call Tracy Hutchins at 603-448-1203 or email

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